Stateside Podcast: Uncovering Michigan’s Stories with April Baer – Listen to the Voices That Shape Our State

Welcome to the ‘Stateside’ podcast, where host April Baer brings you closer to Michigan’s diverse voices and vibrant stories. Every weekday, explore a rich tapestry of tales ranging from the political halls of Lansing to the innovative streets of Detroit and the creative corners of Grand Rapids.

Why Listen to Stateside?

Deep Local Connections: ‘Stateside’ isn’t just about news. It’s about understanding the pulse of Michigan through in-depth conversations that matter to you. Whether you’re in Marquette or Monroe, ‘Stateside’ connects you with the stories shaping your community and your state.

A Diverse Range of Topics: With April’s engaging interviewing style, the podcast covers a broad spectrum. One day you might hear about new legislative developments in Lansing, and the next, a story about a breakthrough tech startup in Ann Arbor. There’s always something new to learn about our state.

Policymakers in Lansing: Get insights directly from the lawmakers and officials driving Michigan’s future. Learn about new initiatives and what they mean for you.

Entrepreneurs in Detroit: Detroit is a city reborn, filled with innovation and ambition. ‘Stateside’ talks with the entrepreneurs at the forefront of this transformation, giving you a glimpse into the future of Michigan’s economy.

Artists in Grand Rapids: Discover the creative spirits enriching Michigan’s cultural landscape. From painters to musicians, Grand Rapids boasts an array of talents that April Baer brings into the spotlight.

Join the Conversation

‘Stateside’ is more than a podcast; it’s a community. We invite you to join in, whether by submitting questions for upcoming guests, participating in community events, or simply sharing the podcast with friends and family who care about Michigan as much as you do.


Whether you’re deeply invested in Michigan’s political shifts, interested in the local economic landscape, or just looking to be inspired by artistic endeavors, ‘Stateside’ has something for you. Tune in every weekday with April Baer for your dose of local stories and conversations that define Michigan today.


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