Month: April 2024


Stateside Podcast: Uncovering Michigan’s Stories with April Baer – Listen to the Voices That Shape Our State

Welcome to the ‘Stateside’ podcast, where host April Baer brings you closer to Michigan’s diverse voices and vibrant stories. Every weekday, explore a rich tapestry of tales ranging from the political halls of Lansing to the innovative streets of Detroit and the creative corners of Grand Rapids. Why Listen to Stateside? Deep Local Connections: ‘Stateside’ […]

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The GIST of It: Unpacking Sports, Culture, and the Unseen Stories

Welcome to “The GIST of It” – Your New Go-To Podcast for Sports, Culture, and More In a world where a single perspective often dominates sports narratives, “The GIST of It” emerges as a breath of fresh air, offering a unique, female-led viewpoint on all things sports. Hosted by the insightful Ellen Hyslop and the […]

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