Bright Lit Place Podcast

“Unveiling the Everglades’ Secrets: Bright Lit Place Podcast with Jenny Staletovich”

Dive into the heart of Florida’s majestic Everglades with Jenny Staletovich, WLRN’s acclaimed environment reporter, in our groundbreaking podcast, “Bright Lit Place.” Join us on a journey filled with grit, determination, and awe-inspiring natural beauty.

The Journey Begins: Jenny Staletovich, a name synonymous with environmental journalism excellence, embarked on a six-month odyssey through the Everglades’ enigmatic landscapes. As WLRN’s award-winning reporter and Edward R. Murrow laureate for her incisive coverage of the invasive python crisis, Jenny sets her sights on a new challenge: the monumental task of Everglades restoration.

In the Thick of the Muck: Equipped with wading boots and an unyielding spirit, Jenny trudges alongside Miccosukee elders and seasoned fishing guides. Each step through the squelchy marshland is a step into the heart of countless legal battles fought in the name of preserving this ecological marvel.

A Podcast is Born: Emerging from the swamps with stories untold, Jenny brings to light the “Bright Lit Place” podcast, a WLRN News production distributed through the NPR Network. The title, a homage to Florida’s ‘river of grass,’ resonates with the sanctity the Everglades holds for many.

Listen and Discover: Tune into Sundial on Nov. 27 for a sneak peek of the first episode of “Bright Lit Place.” Experience the Everglades through Jenny’s narrative, enriched by the stunning visual chronicles of Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer Patrick Farrell.

In-Studio Insights: Post-debut, join us in a candid studio conversation with Jenny Staletovich. Accompanied by Patrick Farrell, they’ll delve into the making of the podcast, sharing behind-the-scenes anecdotes and reflections on their journey through this natural wonder.

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Don’t miss this immersive exploration of one of America’s most treasured landscapes. Subscribe to “Bright Lit Place” on your favorite podcast platform and follow our journey through the Everglades.

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