Once Upon a Beat: Classic Tales Reimagined with Hip-Hop Flair by DJ Fyütch

Dive into the world of “Once Upon a Beat,” a groundbreaking podcast that transforms timeless stories into dynamic hip-hop narratives. Hosted by the talented DJ Fyütch and his turntable, Baby Scratch, this podcast is a haven for both story lovers and music enthusiasts.

The Unique Twist of “Once Upon a Beat”:

Imagine your favorite childhood stories, but remixed with vibrant beats and compelling hooks that you can’t find anywhere else. “Once Upon a Beat” does exactly that—bringing a fresh, hip-hop spin to classic tales. Stories like “Goldilocks and The Three Bears” are reborn as “Goldilocks & The Three Beats,” while “The Ugly Duckling” grooves as “The Funky Duckling.” This innovative approach not only entertains but also reinvigorates the narratives, making them relevant and exciting for today’s audience.

Meet Your Host:

Harold “Fyütch” Simmons II, a Grammy-nominated producer and musical artist, is at the helm of this creative venture. Known for his commitment to social justice, Fyütch infuses each episode with themes of racial equality and liberation. His storytelling is not just about entertainment; it’s a powerful platform for advocacy and cultural expression, making “Once Upon a Beat” a unique blend of education, music, and social commentary.

What to Expect:

Each episode of “Once Upon a Beat” features:

  • Remixed Stories: Engage with familiar tales reimagined through the rhythms and rhymes of hip-hop.
  • Musical Innovation: Experience how classic folktales and fables can be transformed into captivating musical stories.
  • Cultural Commentary: Discover stories told through the lens of social justice, highlighting important issues within engaging narratives.

Why Tune In?

“Once Upon a Beat” is more than just a podcast; it’s a cultural movement. Whether you’re a fan of hip-hop, a lover of classic stories, or someone who appreciates art that challenges societal norms, this podcast has something for you. It’s an invitation to rethink traditional narratives and enjoy them in a completely new way.

“Once Upon a Beat” is a must-listen for anyone eager to experience a novel take on storytelling. Join DJ Fyütch and Baby Scratch as they spin the decks and stories alike, delivering unforgettable beats and tales that resonate with all ages. Don’t miss out on this auditory journey of rhythm, rhyme, and reason.

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