Are you a book lover looking for your next great read or literary discussion? Look no further than “Book Dumb”, a captivating podcast hosted by Kendra and August. Each week, they explore a kaleidoscope of literary topics that will not only enrich your reading experience but also expand your to-be-read (TBR) stack.

A Podcast for Every Book Enthusiast: “Book Dumb” is a haven for bibliophiles of all kinds. Whether you’re into classic literature, contemporary novels, or exploring new genres, Kendra and August have something to pique your interest. They delve into various literary themes, from dissecting popular genres to breaking down book-related stigmas.

Growing Your TBR Stack: One of the highlights of “Book Dumb” is the hosts’ knack for recommending books that cater to diverse tastes. Each episode is an opportunity to discover new titles and authors, ensuring your TBR stack is always fresh and exciting.

A Heartwarming Community for Readers: Beyond book recommendations, “Book Dumb” fosters a warm and welcoming community for readers. Join Kendra and August as they share their current reads, personal bookish experiences, and create a space where every listener feels like part of the literary conversation.

With “Book Dumb”, every week is a chance to fall in love with new books and revisit old favorites. Kendra and August are your knowledgeable and enthusiastic guides through the vast world of literature. Tune in to keep your bookish heart full and your reading list ever-growing.