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The Huntington-USC Institute for California and the West’s most recent podcast, Western Edition, is hosted by the institute’s director, William Deverell, an American historian. It is intended to engage Angelenos, Californians, and Westerners as critical thinkers, conscious consumers, and informed citizens. Our podcast tells the stories of our region’s people and communities, connecting the past to the present, and illustrating how history is tightly woven.

As a continuation of the Western on Fire season, L.A. Chinatown focuses on one of L.A.’s oldest neighborhoods and the country’s first Chinese American cultural center. Produced by the Huntington-USC Institute on California and the West, Western Edition is created by Avishay Artsy, Katie Dunham, Greg Hise, Jessica Kim, Elizabeth Logan, Olivia Ramirez, Li Wei Yang, and Stephanie Yi.


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The Key with Inside Higher Ed: Elevating Conversations on Higher Education

“The Key with Inside Higher Ed” is a groundbreaking podcast that brings forth candid conversations with influential figures in the higher education sector. Its focus is on how colleges and universities are addressing critical issues, especially concerning equity and support for lower-income students. A Spotlight on Higher Education’s Newsmakers: This podcast stands out by featuring […]

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It’s (Probably) Not Rocket Science”: UNM’s Podcast Simplifying Complex Topics

The University of New Mexico introduces a thought-provoking podcast, “It’s (Probably) Not Rocket Science”, designed to demystify some of today’s most intricate and pressing issues. This series aims to break down complex topics through engaging discussions with experts, artists, and researchers. A Bridge Between Experts and the Public: Understanding challenging subjects can often feel overwhelming. […]

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Exploring Africa’s Startup Ecosystem: Disrupt Africa’s New Podcast Series on Accelerators and Incubators

This July, Disrupt Africa, a leading voice in African tech news, is launching a compelling three-part podcast series dedicated to examining the continent’s burgeoning accelerator and incubator space. This series promises to offer in-depth analysis, exploring the impact, niches, and future prospects of these vital startup support systems in Africa. A Deep Dive into Acceleration […]

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