Holocaust Histories Podcast”: The Untold Stories of Boxers Battling for Survival

The “Holocaust Histories Podcast” presents a unique and harrowing perspective on survival during one of history’s darkest periods. It tells the compelling stories of boxers whose dreams of glory in the ring were brutally replaced by a fight for survival amidst the horrors of the Holocaust.

From the Ring to the Ghetto:

Once fighting for money, pride, and titles, these boxers found themselves in a drastically altered world. Their skills in the ring became tools for survival on the Nazi-occupied streets and in the concentration camps. For them, boxing was no longer a sport but a desperate battle for life.

Stories of Resilience and Courage:

This podcast series goes beyond the typical narratives of the Holocaust. It focuses on individuals who faced unimaginable terrors and yet found the strength to fight back in the most dire circumstances. Their stories are not just about survival but about the resilience of the human spirit in the face of overwhelming evil.

A Global Perspective:

Each episode of the “Holocaust Histories Podcast” features a different boxer from a different country, shedding light on the global impact of the Holocaust. It highlights both the commonalities and unique experiences of these fighters, offering a diverse range of perspectives on resistance and survival.

“Holocaust Histories Podcast” is more than just a historical recount; it’s a tribute to those who fought against all odds. It’s an essential listen for anyone looking to understand the depth of human resilience and the realities of life under Nazi tyranny. Join us as we uncover these remarkable stories of bravery and survival, one episode at a time.


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