Quit Your Crappy Job Podcast

The Quit Your Crappy Job podcast was created by two Gen X tech professionals inspired by stories of friends and coworkers leaving their “crappy” job to do something better. The bi-weekly podcast highlights stories and tips to others looking to pivot their careers. 

The podcast features inspirational guests who quit their crappy job and pivoted to a new career or experience podcast is more than just hearing stories about why people left their crappy jobs; we also dive into the specifics that prompted the change and the courage to leave their situation behind,”— says Jeff Hughes, co-founded Atlanta, GA, US, March 31, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Announcing the “Quit Your Crappy Job Podcast,” set to launch today, March 31, 2022. The podcast features inspirational stories exploring why people quit their jobs to move on to other, more exciting careers.

The duo of Jeff Hughes and Scott Willson are the brains behind the podcast. Having been prone to quitting a few crappy jobs during their career themselves, they were inspired by the recent timing of the “Great Resignation.” They knew it was the perfect timeshare encouraging stories about those who have made career moves or flat out left the workforce, given the recent shift in how people view work and family life.

“The podcast is more than just hearing stories about why people left their crappy jobs; we also dive into the specifics that prompted their change and how they dared to leave their situation behind,” says Jeff Hughes, co-founder. Scott Willson added, “We want our listeners to gain confidence from these stories and that they too can move from a less-than-ideal situation to a better one.”

The podcast will interview various professionals who left their crappy jobs for something better. The list includes a former pro football player who became an artist, a former CEO who’s looking for his next gig, a former medical student who changed course before becoming a doctor, a marketing expert who started their marketing firm while living in an RV, and many more fun stories.


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